Web Design & Development

Web Banner & Advertising Designs

Web Banner & Advertising Designs

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App Design & Development

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Active Love 4 Active Pets

This pet care company decided to have a red and black site, this was a 5 a page site created to list its special services. All content was created for the site with the exception of the images.

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Design Mock and Pre-production

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This site redesign was to create cleaner look with a lot of more content to be placed about each individual service the doctor provided. A new logo and color scheme was created for this account which displayed all of the content that was previous design. All content had to be produced for this client.

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 Whittier Thunder Web Design and Development

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Web Background

The last 2 years I’ve been working for Dexmedia/Supermedia helping an average of about 30 business per month to design and develop websites with new and creative content.  This company has allowed me learn more about HTML code so that  I was able to make various changes to template sites which have given me experience with the latest HTML and CSS coding allowing me to use any type of management system your hosting may provide.

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